I just wanted to let you know that we just received a call from Corporate. They wanted me to let you know that Tom has been doing a fantastic job. He is on point with everything and his knowledge with everything is great, and they have also said they would like him to handle all of their jobs that he can within his service area if possible. I just wanted to see if you could let him know that our client is very pleased with his work performance thanks.
Josh Barber:
Siemens Project Manager

Thanks David. As an FYI I received a nice compliment on Scotty. They really like him and thanked us for sending him.
Scott Sanford

Granite Network Integration: Some great feedback on Chris today – This tech really represented well, professional and tested everything working fine. Great Job!.
Kelly Geoghegan
Service Project Manager
Express Facility Service & Maintenance, Inc.

Wow, fantastic notes from Scotty. Definitely the best survey I've received so far for this project.
Chris Boudreau
Advanced Data (ADS) Project Coordinator
Granite Telecommunications

I just wanted to give a shoutout to the tech Chris who went out for this TU. He showed up early and called to run through his mental checklist of prep work to minimize time during the turn call such as locating and staging all equipment, finding the existing AP on site so he could swap it out for the BlueSocket we would be installing, and running any additional wiring.
While the TU wasn't successful today, he was very patient and a great help overall. I will be requesting him again in the future! J"
I've sent this to our Partner Relations as well.
Chris Boudreau
Advanced Data (ADS) Project Coordinator
Granite Telecommunications

Thank you for having Avery onsite last night, he was great! His completion code for WOI-257524 is as follows: CC0000014428.
Katelyn Jones
Katelyn Jones

Thanks David. Customer was very pleased with the tech and his work!
Lisa Cooper

You are the best David. I really wish I could convey how much I appreciate the way you operate. Keep it up sir!
Ryan Matta
Network Integration Dispatcher
Granite Telecommunications

Thank you for the AWESOME job and we appreciate you very much!!!!
Melissa Smith
Client Services Coordinator

David, I just wanted to tell you thank you for always stepping up and helping us out! We are grateful for all of your assistance. I hope you and your family have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.
Alisa Knuttel
Specialist, Field Services Operations
Comcast Business Enterprise Solutions

David, Thanks for getting Arial out to do that job yesterday. We just need to communicate better between you and us. Please pass our very big thank you to your tech Arial. Customer though he was very helpful and I had a very easy time working with him. He is a quick learner and a good tech. Please tell him thank you. He completed the job yesterday.

Just wanted to mention that your tech Tiffany Neberry was fantastic to work with. She was super patient despite all that was going on at this customer site. Thank you guys and thanks to Tiffany!

Martyn was awesome! He had all the answer to the questions before I asked them.
Harmony Smith
CProject Coordinator

Just wanted you to know Richard Lincoln was a true professional and was just simply awesome in dealing with the issues and the customer this morning in New Orleans. He represented us so well.
Just wanted to thank you again.
Angelo Grigoli
Client Relationship Manager

Thank you so much. I remember working with you when I worked for Mitel and you were always very accommodating.
Debbie Rogers
Customer Service Representative
Vertical Communications®